I want to wake up tomorrow

Too many nights I've gone to bed wishing I'd want to wake up in the morning. Too many nights in a world where we can’t have what we want unless we take it, and I just lay down. For those whose best dreams are of themselves dying… I think of you often, have included myself in your ranks.

Both strangers and friends have shared their little deaths with me. Those moments when nothing seemed a better option than, well, nothing... Here I think of them, each unbearable pain a different story...

She wonders if she can hold her breath, exhale all the pockets of air and feel her heart scream.

He stares at the counter top for minutes before grabbing the car keys and the sleeping pills.

She looks with hollow eyes and deep tears at the image in the mirror before downing a handful of dreams and drowning hope in the bath.

Dead eyes glazed, he watches the razor edge slide across his upper arm and the thin line of red appear, then drip.

Hair tied back, hands gripping the cold porcelain she heaves and flushes everything away, everything but what she most wants to disappear, herself.

But I don't want to die, I don't want them to die. I want that wish to come true for each of us. So here’s to a new day tomorrow, maybe a mistake, and a grab.

Mold #2 sold on March 06, 2007: $35 donated to the American Cancer Society


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