A song

~my inspiration

There was a time when I sang the body electric… when I found soul and dreams more important than thin beauty. The more I sang the more my own body shown, the more the universe within whispered through. But of late I run and eat for all the wrong reasons and I'm not buying any love. No matter what shape a person becomes, a thought, a feeling, can alter the view, not just out, but coming in.

Walt Whitman sang the body electrified by soul, words, and passion. A body is a home, a woman, a man, a future - no matter the shape, color, or wear. The body portrayed in the magazines and movies of today is less of a "divine nimbus" and more a tribute to meat than soul. We speak more than words, but entire galaxies with the motions and postures we extend.

The body is not meant to be seen for the bra or waist size, but for the universe of soul it reflects, hides, is. I'm tired of wanting your judgment, apologize for how I've let myself fade… I too, will sing the body electric again.

~ Walt Whitman "I Sing the Body Electric."

Mold #9 sold: $31 dollars donated to the American Cancer Society


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