Tomorrow may never come...

Imported directly from my Myspace profile you can see that I spend quite some time worrying that tomorrow will come too late…

Check this. I've been thinking about how pointless I find everything most of the time. How on any given day all I want is to go somewhere and start living because it feels like I'm just rotting in this skin. But moving takes guts and leaves people behind. That dream I have, the one almost every friend has too, the one where I move to the new city and have a real life, meet new people, miss old people, become a new person... I keep saying after I graduate, someday, but there's that song and someday never comes. My goal and declaration here is that I will not run away someday, but that day. This is where I hold myself accountable for the misery I encounter for not making that day, today.

In other aspects of the phrase… it was Memorial Day not too long ago. Those we love gone and going… The thought that this sunset could be the last I'd ever see makes me long to watch it with arms wrapped around friends… friends I haven't spoken to in weeks. Did I tell them I love them? My niece is only four, I haven't gotten to know her, nor her I… it feels like there isn't enough time in the world for all the people I want to love. But perhaps time is man-made and I can stop counting minutes and start writing emails. Tomorrow may never come so I'll value each day, my entire life, and try even when it's hard, when it hurts, to remember the times I wanted to live and the people I have and will love.

And here's a chest to hold this thought.

Mold #10 sold: $10 donated to the American Cancer Society


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