There are two briefly stated reasons why I am making molds of my boobs and attempting to sell them with fifty percent of the profits going to benefit the American Cancer Society. First of all, for those members of my family, any friends, and generally anyone who suffers, or has suffered from, some form of cancer. Second, for myself - to attempt something worthwhile and take a risk that although it may seem small to others, leaves me vulnerable in that moment when I open the page for viewing. Nothing quite like asking others to like and buy what's mine.

You'd probably have to be pretty strange to buy a random pair of boobs online, or pretty cool, in my opinion. Not only will the money go toward a good cause but you'll have a great talking piece for the coffee table, perhaps a fancy new candy dish, or just a great rack. However you look at it, at them, you can't lose and you can certainly give.

Follow the link to the right, "Buy me," for my eBay profile which also answers that question, "why?" In fact, go ahead and explore all those links.


Blogger Kurt said...

I think it's a cool idea. I'm not sure where I could display them, but I like the idea.

8:13 AM  

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